Help Page

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We are going to make this simple for people so they can get help when needed.

1. Registration: Click on create an account!

Make sure when you Register it’s all one word! examples are as followed:

Henerry45 josh222 mycar59

After you Register Please just login you don’t have to verify your email address at this point!

Pleas Check your spam folder in email to verify your email address thanks.

Settings is at top left had side of your screen after you login.

If you wish to update your info!

This is setup so who can see your profile to post and wall.

Referral Rewards program

Copy the link and past it or use social links and share this will give you credit for what you have don.

Points For Use Of Site

You can ear points for using the site. The points is just that there is no real money but there is ways to redeem them for ad space and more to come!

This is the main wallet.

This is how you with draw.

You need to go to your wallet then click on referral credit and click it and you can more the balance to your wallet.

Points withdrawal!

Go to wallet and click on points button to move points over to your wallet.

To send credit From Wallet.

To send credit to other users on search there name on bottom part then enter amount. When your don just hit send.


To upload profile picture click on camera in bottom left of this section.

To add background picture click on camera top left. There will be a warning don not worry just ignore thanks.

To post click on this section and add pictures, pools and more.

To remove post or edit.

Go to the top right and click on the down arrow. then you have the options there.

Ads Manager

Go you your left bar on main home page to find this.

Create Adds

Business Pages

Create Page

Make sure then you have no spaces when you add custom domain for your page.


Create Group

When you create the group no spaces for the custom domain for your group.


Create Events

A Look at one event!

As you can see there is the social share buttons making it allot easier to get your event out there.


How to create blogs.

To make a blog go to home pages then post then go to wright article.

That will bring you to this page to setup your article.


To add product click on the add product button.


people cant add games for the moment just play them.

This is the main site